Tomorrow is Spool Thread Saturday

Keeping with my plans to add stock every 2nd Saturday of the month, tomorrow will the 2nd stocking of the store. Like the 4th of July, the stock will be a bit limited this time around too. July and early August is the busiest time of the year for me so I had very little time. I have nothing on the plate substantial in the next slot of time – so hopefully the drop in September will be considerably bigger (but don’t hold me to that).

Like last time, all colorways will be limited to 1 per order, but this time around I have limited the cart total to 2 as well. Last time we had numerous people buying 3+ packs, which cut down on the amount of people that had a chance to order. Please remember this – the cart will not warn you about this until check-out – and I don’t want anyone being surprised and the miss out on an order all together because they had to delete or modify the order.

Last time I stocked 4 of everything, this time I have pushed it to 5 and brought in some other colors, though some colors of previous will not be stocked this go around. In my poll, it seems Cookies & Cream is the least sought after – so I will only stock them if I have enough time to make some. As far as Sugarplums – I won’t have any. I didn’t realize I was low on the lavender color and used it all up to make Plumberry Stems. I have more on the way, but unfortunately it won’t be here until Monday – so it won’t make the cut.

This month’s Small Batch colorway is Shitty Marshmallows. Inspired by those shitty multi-colored marshmallows. I really love the mix of these colors. Up close you can see the nice pastels, but while playing it makes a generally nice pinkish yellow color.


Shooting to do the drop at 6 PM Central time. If anything changes I’ll notify via Instagram and this blog.