Introducing the first 3 members of Spool Thread Co.

From the moment I realized Spool Thread Co. was becoming something, I always had a goal of creating a team. It was important to me to pick members based upon their involvement with Spool Thread and their community. When the time came to pick, it was quite easy.

Let me introduce the first 3 members of Spool Thread Co.

Ben Boulos was the first follower of my Instagram account, and my first real supporter. From day 01 he was always talking to me about colors, ways to improve, and without any request of my own was at contests giving away his own stash to other people to test and play. When it was time to go to Iceland, he offered to bring some with him to be a brand ambassador. When I couldn’t get any string to him before his trip, he once again (without request) brought his own supply to let people test and give away. On top of everything he has done for Spool Thread, he also regularly posts tutorial videos on his YouTube channel, to pass on the knowledge.

Nate Martsolf is a man that really needs no introduction. Everyone knows him as G2Nate and from his YouTube series “Nate Reviews Yoyos”. When I started the first soft drop Nate reached out to me himself requesting some string to review. For me, this was the first sign that Spool Thread was becoming something that was grabbing people’s attention. I had already been watching Nate’s YouTube videos and was pretty excited that he wanted to give them a shot. After receiving a positive review, I was even more excited when he kept requesting them after which to use on his own throws. When the time came to develop the Premium Blends, Nate was one of the first people I turned to for testing. He provided some feedback which helped alter them, and later reviewed them again (which I had no idea he was going to do, I just wanted his opinion!). When it came time to put together a team, Nate was right at the top of the list. (and as a side note, yes I have spoke with Jake on this prior to everything and he gave his blessing.)

Evan Briggs was someone I reached out to personally to test Spool Thread in the very beginning. Before I had even made a single string Evan was someone I followed on Instagram. I always enjoyed his style and the way he linked his tricks. He always was there to provide feedback and fine tune things. He quickly became a person I talked to on a regular basis and used to test any changes to Spool Thread. He always provided detailed information, recommendations on changes to characteristics and was an integral part of making the string the quality it is today. He was one of the few people regularly posting trick circles using Spool Thread and was regularly re-shared on our account. He was a definite must for Spool Thread Co.


Each of these guys has their own personal projects going on around the web. You can find out more information below, and soon in our team section of the site.

Ben Boulos: YouTube Instagram
Nate Martsolf: YouTube Instagram
Evan Briggs: YouTube Instagram

Holiday Schedule

November’s drop will be moved to Black Friday, November 24. With the holiday season being busy, there will most likely not be a drop in December, and a light drop in January. This is just due to the lack of time I have during this time of the year. On top of all the typical things that busy a person, my day job goes into over drive with projects that require after hours work. On top of all of this I need some time to relax and catch up on a lot of things that have been ignored in life and I have a couple Spool Thread things in the background going on that require some first hand attention.

I should show you how messy my office has become.